Thinking creatively is part of everyday living. For a creative individual the excitement happens when you realize you have the ability to approach problems from many different perspectives. Harnessing creative approaches and directing your thoughts to become productive takes time. In most cases typical creative processes are applied for predictability, but the bottom line is there is still an element of “magic dust” that occurs, the unexplainable, unknowing…herein lies the raw idea. For me, I have to live and breath it, think about it everyday and dwell on it. Writing and research are necessary to foster clear and concise objectives. Ideas, whether involuntary or during concentrated thought are generated from a focused study. In most cases a full scope of the problem occurs simultaneous to other things I’m doing in life. The best ideas I’ve had were ones that just pop into my head during the course of something else taking place. Knowing this about myself has allowed me to embrace life with an open mind and be more aware of ambiguous connections and possibilities.