Upon reflection on graphic design in our society today, I am amazed at how much has changed. Some of the biggest changes we as designers and typographers have seen in our profession occurred during the last 25 years. The opportunity to study and practice design during a time when so many new methods are being implemented gives me a unique perspective. I feel empowered by my exposure to both traditional design process as an undergraduate and then later being exposed to modern techniques using computers as a professional in industry.

I feel fortunate to have the classic background of a designer; it strengthens my work both professionally and academically by offering a more well-rounded perspective of the field. When teaching or practicing design, I have always followed traditional process involving concept and brainstorming, drawing and sketching, hand skills and problem solving. I believe the computer is just an expensive pencil. Research, sketching and color rough stages are all part of brainstorming a solid concept. The evolution of a concept is influenced by one’s own experiences in life. My life has afforded me the flexibility to explore new surroundings. I feel fortunate to have had opportunities to travel and learn about new places and people; all my experiences find there way into my concept work.

As I ponder the future directions in visual communication and where technology may bring us, I’m excited about new ways available to communicate visual messages. I still believe that no matter how technical our field becomes it should always remain grounded with the principles of good design. New technology and tools are merely just that, a means to produce a final concept.